More transcription of excess paper. Citations appear in London Gazette but original recommendations bear comparison.

MILLAR. Andrew Joseph, F/O (159700, RAFVR*) - No.125 (Newfoundland) Squadron in which he was Observer - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 27 October 1944. Cited with Flying Officer William James Grey (156649).

As pilot and observer respectively these officers have completed a highly successful operational tour during which their keenness, reliability and efficiency have set a very fine example. They have destroyed three enemy aircraft, all of which they shot down in one sortie at night.

Public Record Office Air 2/9160 has recommendation dated 10 August 1944 which makes for an interesting comparison. They had flown 72 sorties (138 operational hours).

Flying Officer Millar is a Navigator Radio who has completed an operational tour with this squadron. His skill and keenness to seek out and destroy the enemy at night resulted, on the night of June 22nd, in the destruction of three Junkers 88s in one sortie over the French coast. On the night of June 7th the aircraft in which he was flying was hit by enemy return fire, which caused one engine to fail, and did considerable damage to the aircraft. The pilot was wounded in the arm and leg, injuries which made it necessary for F/O Millar to assist the pilot in flying the aircraft back to base. Without this valuable assistance the pilot could not have brought his machine back and made a successful landing without further damage.

G/C A.G. Millar (Middle Wallop Sector, wrote on 11 August 1944:

This officer, together with his pilot, F/O Grey, have been in the squadron for two years. During this time their reliability, keenness and efficiency have been an example and an inspiration to other pilots in the squadron, and it is due to the efforts of crews of thus type that the squadron has been so successful during recent operations. The crew have shown great gallantry in action on two occasions; once when they brought their aircraft safely back after it had been badly damaged and the pilot wounded, and on the other occasion when they destroyed three Junkers 88 in one sortie. In both these incidents the crew showed outstanding and determination, and they are strongly recommended for the award of the Distinguished Flying Cross.