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Thread: Air Ministry Weekly Orders - What is in them ?

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    Default Air Ministry Weekly Orders - What is in them ?

    I have seen references recently to the AMWO (Air Ministry Weekly Orders)


    One in respect to the service record of an Officer who died in RAFO in 1928

    "AMWO 644/16 Granted extn of 5 years in Class C"

    He was placed in Class C on 16.09.22 and so after 4 years would have been re-evaluated - and in fact his Personal Record says

    Fit for extension in Class C 24/11/26 -- So he was evaluated to see if he was still capable of serving in a Military Role -and as this was non technical based (he was an accountant) he was extended - As he did not change RAFO role his extension was not Gazetted - and as I say he died in 1928 still in RAFO

    The question I have -is what would have been listed in the AMWO - has anyone got examples of these ? I now copies exist in various archives

    Kind Regards Paul

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    Default Re: Air Ministry Weekly Orders - What is in them ?

    Sorry Paul: I have only just seen this request. Thanks for providing this link. I'm interested in learning more about "Air Ministry Order" (A.M.O.) 945, as it relates to airmen being "posted out" prior to the end of their tour. If anyone decides to look at this series of files, I would be interested in what they reveal.


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