Doug Nicholls was a fighter pilot with the Royal Air Force across several theatres of war during World War Two, including the Battle of Britain, Sumatra, Ceylon and Burma.

With a fascinating story to tell he was often asked by his family to put his experiences down in writing. This he never did…..or so his family thought.

After Doug died in 2014, aged 95, his son Chris Nicholls acquired a box full of cuttings, photo albums and assorted memorabilia from World War 2, along with letters, papers and several Amstrad disks. Chris sent these off and they were found to contain the basis of his father’s autobiography, which he had called ‘One Foot on the Ground’.

After a great deal of work collating the various experiences of his flying career, the finished book gives a first-hand account of Doug’s initial pilot training and subsequent wartime experiences from shooting down a JU 88 over the North Sea to baling out of his Hurricane over the dense jungle of Sumatra.

With help from Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre, the book is available for a free download from their website.

It is a fascinating read and gives a first hound account of some notable times in WW2.