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Thread: A Hawker Hurricane IIB in Moradabad, India (Trying to ID it)

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    Default A Hawker Hurricane IIB in Moradabad, India (Trying to ID it)

    For folks who havent seen this - This was breaking news a day or two ago :

    (Photo : Jagran )

    A rare and complete Hawker Hurricane IIB fighter aircraft preserved at the Uttar Pradesh Police Academy in Moradabad has been requisitioned by the Indian Air Force - and a deal has been struck in which a MiG-21 UM has been given to the Academy.

    The aircraft appears to be a victim of a forced landing possibly on its belly, the prop shows damage of the blades braking off except for stubs attached to the spinner... it looks like this sadly there is no dataplate or serial thta has been located yet - but I do have an engine number.

    A 219867

    The wings show six gun ports each - so we know its a IIB. The location it pranged is Moradabad which is 100m ENE of Delhi.

    I have taken a first level look at the Hurricane Losses I have in SEAC - in my DB there are 1288 prangs - and could not come up with any candidates. Will take a more detailed look later again.. FWIW There were roughly about 2500 Hurricanes delivered to the Far East.

    I know its a long shot - but i have seen engine numbers recorded inv arious sources - ORBs, 1180s etc.. Putting it out there should we pin the Identity down.


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