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Thread: Sqn Ldr Donald Garth Ross 32161 and General Duties

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    Default Sqn Ldr Donald Garth Ross 32161 and General Duties

    Found a similar 2006 post by myself in the archives... .... but provided more background here...

    The above was classified as a 'Captain Navigator' with RAF Ferry Command. He delivered five Fortresses (including one B-17C) and one Liberator as captain and flew four round trips as navigator on Return Ferry Service Liberators operated by BOAC. According to AC 'Taffy' Powell's memoir Ferryman, Ross became Powell's Air Staff Officer at Montreal.

    Ross was born in Bournemouth in June 1909, making him ~32 when he delivered the B-17C, his first delivery with the organization, so he obviously had considerable prior experience. His London Gazette entries all refer to him as falling under the General Duties Branch.


    What were Ross' flying activities prior to joining ATFERO/Ferry Command in January 1941?

    Was it unusual for someone to be GD Branch but still flying like this?

    Thanks in advance:

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