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Thread: Formal WWII RAF caps (with visor) - questions

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    Default Formal WWII RAF caps (with visor) - questions

    This is for something being written up for the family of a 159 Sqn Liberator (India) wireless op/air gunner.

    He attained the rank of flying officer. I'm trying to describe all of the RAF dress hats with the visor (what is the common name for these?), from when he entered the RAF as an AC2 in 1940 until he separated from the RAF in 1946 as a flying officer.

    I do know that in this period all hats had the king's crown, in honor of the King, not the Edwardian? crown which came into existence with Queen Elizabeth's coronation.

    I had been under the impression that there were only TWO styles this airman would have worn during the war:

    1. The one with the brass crest reading "RAF" below a small king's crown -- for wearing from his AC2 until his commissioning as a pilot officer;

    2. The one with embroidery of an eagle, wings spread, beneath a larger king's crown -- worn by this airman when he was a pilot officer and flying officer.

    However, something just showed up in google -- a third style, this one specifically for warrant officers, and definitely from the war years with a king's crown. It's from an auction -- which means "buyer beware" -- and states, "WW2 Royal Air Force Warrant Officers Service Dress Peaked Cap complete with gilt metal cap badge." Maybe it's letigimate, maybe not.

    [EDIT: No, maybe there were only two styles. I think the one from the auction has the same eagle/king's crown as I'd been led to believe were only on the PO and FO hats.

    FURTHER EDIT: This website says that there were three hats in WWII:]

    Might an expert chime in with the definitive truth of WWII caps of this style? I only need to know what was worn by airmen ranked AC2 through flying officer. There is a fair amount of bogus info on the Internet, so I am hoping to hear from someone truly in the know.

    Many thanks,

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