I never cease to be amazed by the members of this forum who time after time have come up trumps with information I’ve requested. Well now I have a rather personal request, and that’s information regarding a grandfather I never knew.

When my father was around five years old and living in either Cambridge or the nearby village of Newton, his father Bernard Wheatley upped sticks and left him and his mother. The only information I have about this Bernard Wheatley is that he was a flying instructor in the RAF who survived the war and eventually ended up in the Taunton area of Somerset and died around twenty years ago - I believe of dementia. Following his death my brother did manage to make contact with his then widow who, understandably, was very reluctant to divulge information to a complete stranger. I believe in the end she did send him a photo of a group of individuals - amongst them being Bernard Wheatley, but that was it.
My grandmother went on to marry a man who we all knew as our grandad, but I would really love to find out a bit more about my natural grandfather.

As you you can imagine any help would be greatly appreciated!