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    I'm trying to find out a bit more about CWH Cox. Does anyone know when he enlisted? Aces High Volume 2 suggests it was at Cardington between September 1939 and August 1940, but if it's possible to pin this down more precisely I would be very grateful. If there is any other information available about him, that would also be tremendously useful. I already know that he was the Radio Mechanic who dismantled the Wurzburg radar during the Bruneval raid of 27/28 February 1942, so any information not pertaining to that raid would be helpful. I believe he was promoted to Flight Sergeant on or around 2 February 1942 and later promoted to Warrant Officer First Class but I don't know the date for this.

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    He was another of those technical experts who learned their parachuting skills/ability either (a) on their way to their first operational drop as in Op BITING, or (b) the Bomb Disposer who was parachuted to "The QE2" (with associated "Hooligans") in mid-Atlantic to deal with a supposed terrorist explosive device.
    The trick seems to have been to be in possession of a skill (or skills) that was unlikely to require this condensed parachute course.
    I use levity, but I was personally placed, for a short while, in a similar situation/plan that might have required a Met Man to parachute into a hostile environment!
    A number of us in the Mob Met Unit subsequently voluteered to be parachute trained. It was rejected because if we'd got our 'Wings' - and remained 'current' - they would have had to pay us 'Parachute Pay'!
    Glad it never happened!
    Peter Davies
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