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Thread: The Great Escape List Accuracy

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    Hello Peter

    It's Martial, not Marshal.

    According to the ORB, he was a P/O when he forced-landed on Jersey Island.

    Several sources gives him the French rank of sous-lieutenant, like Philippe Listemann in his book about No. 131 Squadron. Which is logical, and the exact equivalent of Pilot Officer.

    In "Aviateurs de la Liberté", his rank is given as Lieutenant, but I've often seen/heard a sous-lieutenant being called lieutenant, maybe an abusive simplification...

    So, like his RAF counterparts, he may have received a promotion from sous-lieutenant to lieutenant during the 18 months or so he was in german custody.

    The memoiredeshommes website lists him as a sous-lieutenant at the time of his death :

    Only by checking his record of service could we be sure of his exact rank in March 1944.

    There are often discrepancies between French ranks and R.A.F. ranks as far as Free French are concerned. Same applies to Belgian personnel, as far as I've seen. The double rank (R.A.F. / national) is frequent for the airmen from occupied European countries.

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    Default Re: The Great Escape List Accuracy

    Many thanks for the corrections - much appreciated.
    The rank names and insignia for Allied personnel flying with/for/in the RAF in WW2 is probably a complete study on its own! I had suspected that it was very much as you have described.
    Thanks for your help!
    Peter Davies
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