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Thread: 100 Miles Course For Cup Given by Sir P. Sassoon. RAF Race May 1927

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    Default 100 Miles Course For Cup Given by Sir P. Sassoon. RAF Race May 1927

    Found this to day
    I have added full names and some other info

    Sheffield Daily Telegraph - Thursday 26 May 1927
    TO-DAY’S AIR RACE. 100 Miles Course For Cup Given by Sir P. Sassoon. Single-seater fighter aeroplanes will figure in an interesting contest to-day
    for cup offered by Sir Philip Sassoon, Under-Secretary for Air Pilots of the Home Defence Force will fly off the final heat to decide the possession of the cup.
    The course will cover approximately 100 miles. The aeroplanes will leave Northolt, Middlesex, at 2.30 o’clock, and will flvyto Duxford, Cambridgeshire, Alton
    and back *o the finishing point at Northolt. The pro liminary heats have already taken place in the localities of the various squadrons,
    and as a result the following pilots and machines will be engaged in to-day’s race:

    Flying Officer Philip Cranswick MC (No. 3 Squadron, Uphaven). Woodcock machine; KIFA 5th June 1928 Hawker Woodcock Mk II J7728
    Flight Lieutenant Frederick Laurence Pearce (No. 17 Squadron, Uphaven). Woodcock; #09078
    Flying Officer Phillips Patrick Grey No. 19 Squadron, Duxford), Grebe; #18170 and #78816
    Flying Officer Arthur William Baynes McDonald (No. 23 Squadron. Kenley), Gamecock; #18219
    Flying Officer Leslie Edward Maynard (No. 25 Squadron, Hawkinge), Grebe;
    Flying Officer William Alfred Tattersall (No. 29 Squadron, Duxford). Grebe; #18188
    Flying Officer Alexander Hutchinson Montgomery (No. 32 Squadron, Kenley), Gamecock; #16157
    Flying Officer Hugh Thornley Andrews (No. 41 Squadron, Northolt), Siskin; #75193 (WW2)
    Flight Lieutenant Alfred Conrad Collier (No. 43 Squadron. Tangmere), Gamecock.

    The winning machine will give a special demonstration at the Royal Air Force Pageant at Hendon on July 2nd.

    EXCITING CONTEST Tho 100 miles air race for the Sir Philip Sassoon Cup was won on Thursday by
    Flying Officer A. H. Montgomery, of Kenley Aerodrome, who was flying a Gamecock machine.
    His time was 42 mins. 27 secs., indicative of a speed of 156 miles an hour. ...

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    Default Re: 100 Miles Course For Cup Given by Sir P. Sassoon. RAF Race May 1927


    By luck, the first page with the story of the race is saved in this archive:


    Finn Buch

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    Default Re: 100 Miles Course For Cup Given by Sir P. Sassoon. RAF Race May 1927


    The race for the Sassoon Cup on 26 May, 1927, involved nine single-engined fighter squadrons consisting of:

    No.3 Squadron - Woodcock.
    No.17 Squadron - Woodcock.
    No.19 Squadron - Grebe.
    No.23 Squadron - Gamecock.
    No.25 Squadron - Grebe.
    No.29 Squadron - Grebe.
    No.32 Squadron - Gamecock.
    No.41 Squadron - Siskin.
    No.43 Squadron - Gamecock.

    Flying at 2,000 ft over a course of 100 miles starting at Northolt. The contest was won by Plt Off A. H. Montgomery* of No.32 Squadron piloting the Gamecock J8073 at 156 mph.

    British Racing and Record-Breaking Aircraft.

    16157 Plt Off Alexander Hutchinson MONTGOMERY, had the unfortunate experience earlier in his career of being involved in a fatal accident:
    On 4 March, 1925, Montgomery was flying Grebe J7364 of 32 Squadron when it crashed into a hut at Locks Heath School, Warsash, Southampton, killing a 12 year-old student.

    and ...

    also ...

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