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Thread: Help Needed With Operations In/On The Northwest Frontier

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    Default Help Needed With Operations In/On The Northwest Frontier

    Hello All,
    I’m looking for accounts of the operations of 31 Sqn and 114 Sqn in, and over, what is now Afghanistan and northwest Pakistan, but which was known in the 1920’s and 1930’s as “The Northwest Frontier”. It was, I think, one of the early manifestations of Trenchard’s “Aerial Policing” policy? I note that the ORBs have not been digitised. Is it too much to hope that somebody has copies? Alternatively, can anybody suggest a good source for a record of both the political and military thinking/operations in what was – at that time – the UK’s equivalent of The Wild West!!!
    It is currently public knowledge that elements of the UK forces will be withdrawn towards the end of this year. A colleague is beginning to put together a history of the military meteorology in that area from then up until now!! Rather him than me!
    Can anybody help with sources?
    Peter Davies
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    Default Re: Help Needed With Operations In/On The Northwest Frontier

    Hi Peter

    There is this book by Chaz Bowyer which is over 30 years old now but as I recall quite impressed when I read it!

    This book is more recent and includes a quite substantial chapter "Air Control in the Middle East, India and Ireland" (60 pages) but does not cover the whole period you want.

    Most recently Vic Flintham has published through Air Britain


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    Default Re: Help Needed With Operations In/On The Northwest Frontier

    Hi Peter,

    The free download of the RAF Historical Society Journal is a good primer for North West Frontier.

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