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for 12 nights before the raid against Dusseldorf on 11./12.6.1943 there were no larger operations over Europe. I wonder what the reason for this was. There are a couple of sources and texts mentioning some reasons, but which one is correct? Or maybe both?

1 Group Scrap Book
… after a very slow start due to poor weather conditions during the first ten days in June, Bomber Command fairly got into its stride …

Bomber Command War Diaries
The operations since the end of May are a good example of the way in which Bomber Command now curtailed operations during the moon period.

1 Group ORB
3./4.6.1943: … but was cancelled at mid-day owing to unfavourable weather conditions at bases
11./12.6.1943: … At last the weather gave us a chance and a very heavy attack was laid …

5 Group ORB

No operations owing to weather

The RCAF overseas

Thirteen days of inactivity for Bomber Command, caused by persistent early morning sea mist and fog over British aerodromes, proved to be the lull before the greatest storm which had yet broken on Germany.

The RAF Pathfinders

Following another full-moon-standdown, Harris called for a maximum effort attacj on 11./12.6. …

The Sand in the Sky

The intelligence office who briefed us said: … Meteorological conditions have improved …

To see the dawn breaking

Rain fell on the most days at the start of June, and the squadron did not operate until the 11th …

Trials and Tribulation

There would beno operations for Bomber Command for ten days as it was full moon period, which made for easier hunting for the German nightfighters …

Nachtjagd Archive

After a lull in operations during the moon period in the first half of June, 783 bomber were sent out to attack Dusseldorf

The Sun

The Dusseldorf attack ended a lull that lasted 12 nights because of bad weather.

So we have bad weather and the full moon period.

What do you think about this?