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Thread: The Identity of a POW (RAF?) Sgt Clifton Kustrin is Requested

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    Default The Identity of a POW (RAF?) Sgt Clifton Kustrin is Requested

    OK Ė Itís been a long, hard, day and Iím just about finish.
    WO416 has just given me Clifton Kustrin. He is, supposedly, a Sgt in the RAF who spent some time in Stalag Luft 1 Barth (POW #, and anything else, unknown).
    The Forename is possibly a bit English?
    The Surname seems to me to be a bit Central European?
    I canít get him to come up in any of the ďusual placesĒ (AIR 78, FREEBMD, FMP, Google, our own DB, listakrzystka, etc, etc,!).
    Now there is either a typo, or I am doing something wrong (or both!).
    So can somebody please identify the good Sgt Clifton Kustrin. His other details, and how/why he ended up in SL1 would be a bonus!!!
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    Default Re: The Identity of a POW (RAF?) Sgt Clifton Kustrin is Requested


    Might be a typo - could he possibly be Clifton Edward AUSTIN (408617)?




    EDIT - his R.A.A.F. file records he was in Stalag Luft 1 from December 1942 to September 1943 - however the handwriting's not great! He was free for two days after the crash-landing in France but was taken to Frankfurt after his capture.
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