Hi all... Alex?

I am interested in the detail around the loss of F/Lt W T 'Bill' Hawkins in Mustang I AP254. I have got the ORB and other documents.

The loss is recorded on https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/51377 which refers/links to the Dutch SGLO website. These records indicate that AP254 was coded SY*L and attributes that information to Henk Welting.

There is no record of code letters in the ORB or on the Combat Report. I wanted to ask if there is any additional confirmation of the code letters ? The reason is that in September 1943 the aircraft would not have carried the squadron codes 'SY' which had been discontinued before the end of 1942. The aircraft would have only carried an individual code possibly 'L' but at the time Hawkins was 'B' Flight Commander.

Thanks for any help