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Thread: Coastal Command Operations Codes.

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    Post Coastal Command Operations Codes.


    I am currently researching squadrons and their losses that flew out of RAF Wick during World War II, and as I am going through the individual Squadron Record Books I am coming across entries relating to a few patrols which I am unable to find any information about. Does anyone know what the patrol sectors were for the following patrols?


    Additionally I find mentions of the BERT, STAB & STAND patrols, and I know that these covered Bergen to Stavanger, Standlandet to Bergen,and Stavanger to Kristiansand, however was wondering if anyone knew what the sectors were for the NORTH BERT, SOUTH BERT, NORTH STAB, SOUTH STAB, NORTH STAND, MIDDLE STAND & SOUTH STAND patrols was? i.e. aircraft on the NORTH BERT sortie patrolled from Bergen to?

    Many thanks in adavance for any help you can provide.

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    Default Re: Coastal Command Operations Codes.

    Hi Alistair Jack

    Some time ago I came across as useful record for some but by no means all Coastal Command (CC) patrol names in AIR 15/549 which appears to date to 1942/43. This gives the following descriptions -
    VAARO R[reconnaissance] 62d00’N 05d00’E to 63d00’N 07d30’E to 63d00’N 05d15’E Shipping Recce of Norge Coast 18[18 Group]
    Patrol CUP – Recce in three sections to cover the coast from MARSTEN LIGHT to EGERO

    Some of these names might be Anglicised versions of Norwegian names, but hopefully someone can expand on this. To really dig deep into the exact patrol routes you will need to closely examine the ORB for 18 Group and more specifically the appendices/narratives that supplement the ORB’s found at The National Archives, in Kew, London. I’d imagine that sectors divided into north or south will be mid-points of the full routes but that is where the 18 Group records becomes essential.

    Illustrations of some of the patrols can be found in the series of narratives to do with CC operations, and Paul McMillan’s recent posting is very timely to help you see and go to the section headed RAF in the Maritime War. Tons of interesting reading and would probably help with an overview of the types of sorties being flown out of Wick.

    All the best with your research.

    Kind regards

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