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23- August -1943 John de Havilland died (son Geoffrey Raoul de Havilland OBE)
I'm looking for information on this pilot's death and his Mosquito
I keep finding various conflicting information.

1.HX849 FBVI DH Collided on air test 3m ESE of St.Alban's 23.8.43
2.HX850 FBVI DH Collided on air test 3m ESE of St.Alban's 23.8.43
3.HX897 FBVI Not delivered
4.HJ734 FBVI 13OTU Record missing NFD

Type: Mosquito 6 (HJ734) Mosquito 4 (HX897). Location: Holy Bush Mt Hatfield. Report No: W1631.

We subsequently learned that the aircraft were on test flights from De Havilland's aerodrome at Hatfield. Both crews perished and it was reported that one of the pilots was John de Havilland, younger son of Geoffrey de Havilland, founder of the organisation that was to become British Aerospace. I recently found out from Philip J.Birtles' excellent book 'Mosquito, the Illustrated History' that the other pilot was George Gibbins. Their observers were G.J.Carter and J.H.F.Scrope. The aircraft were Mosquito Mark VI fighter bombers HX849 and HX850. The exact date was August 23rd, 1943.

On August 23, 1943 he was flying FB.VI HJ734 with John Scorpe alongside him as flight test observer. Up at the same time was George Gibbins in Mk.VI HX897, accompanied by flight test
foreman ‘Nick’ Carter. The two aircraft collided at about 500ftthe shattered wreckage falling to the ground near St Albans; all four were killed.

1.23 Aug 43 Mosquito FB.VI HX849
Unit: De Havilland
2.23 Aug 43 Mosquito FB.VI HX850
Unit: De Havilland
3.23 Aug 43 Mosquito FB.VI HX897
Unit: De Havilland - Collided with above Hollybush
4.23 Aug 43 Mosquito FB.VI HJ734
Unit: De Havilland - Collided with below, crashed at Hollybush 2m SW of Hollybush


Still nothing clear. Any assistance gratefully received.
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