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Thread: T2120 Blenheim IVf 254 Sqn Aldergrove. Hit radio mast & NAAFI building 19 July 1941

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    Default T2120 Blenheim IVf 254 Sqn Aldergrove. Hit radio mast & NAAFI building 19 July 1941

    This came up in discussion yesterday and I thought I would post, in order to record the names of 6 NAAFI Civilians killed - which are not recorded ASAIK elsewhere here

    19 July 1941 T2120. Blenheim IVf of 254 Sqn Aldergrove. Hit radio mast and NAAFI building low-flying base. DBF. 4+ 6 NAAFI girls k.


    AIR81/7719 Pilot Officer W H King, Sergeant P E Neale, Sergeant R E Lea: killed; Aircraftman C H Hore: died of injuries; Aircraftman DR Corner, injured; eleven NAAFI women employees: six killed, four injured; aircraft accident at RAF Aldergrove, Blenheim T2120, 254 Squadron, 19 July 1941.

    6 NAAFI Civilians Killed were

    Miss Margaret Castles
    Miss Annie Violet Shaw Crozier
    Miss Annie Watson
    Miss Elizabeth Osborne
    Miss Brigid McGarry
    Miss Mary Mulholland

    RAF Aldergrove Crash - NAAFI Fatalities (Northern Whig, 24-07-1941)

    Ulster Air Disaster Described

    A VERDICT of accidental death was returned at the inquest yesterday on the ten persons who lost their lives in the air accident in Northern Ireland last week-end when a 'plane crashed into a N.A.A.F.I. canteen.

    Six of the victims were members of the staff of the N.A.A.F.I. Of the remaining four three were the pilot and crew of the aeroplane, and the fourth was an aircraftman who had been on the ground near the scene of the crash.

    Evidence was given that the aeroplane was in perfect mechanical order when it took off and was returning in formation with two others at its scheduled time

    Fully Qualified

    When approaching the landing ground the machases broke formation, and two of them made perfect landings. The third struck a wooden building, and then crashed into the canteen

    The manager of the N.A.A F.I. spoke in appreciation of the assistance given by R A.F. personnel and others in the rescue work.

    On behalf of the R.A.F. a squadron leader and a flying officer extended sympathy to the relatives of the victims. A relative of one of the victims asked if the pilot of the aircraft was experienced and a flying officer replied that the pilot was fully qualified to fly the machine.

    Three Funerals

    Three of the victims were buried yesterday.

    The funeral of Miss Margaret Castles. eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Castles. late IA Blarts Road. Lisburn, look place from her grandmother's residence. 25. Kitchener Street, Belfast. to the City Cemetery.

    The funeral of Miss Annie Violet S Crozier, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Witham Crozier. 80, Farnham Street took place from that address to Knockbreda Cemetery. and that of Miss Annie Watson. daughter of Mr James Watson and the late Mrs. Sarah Watson 50. Pernau Street, took plane from her brother's residence, 42, Canmore Street, to the City Cemetery

    Messrs. David Ireland & Co., Lisburn Mad. had charge of the funeral arrangements in the case of Miss Castles.

    Messrs. Wilton. Rosewood Buildings. Crumlin Road were responsible for the arrangements at the funeral of Miss Crozier.

    Also see

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