from Marcus Bicknell:

I am so pleased to be able to announce the print publication of my biography of my dad. It started for me in 1998 with collating details from Nigel’s diaries, private documents, scrap-books, letters home to his mother, letters from his family and friends, sketch-books and flying logbook. Twenty years later, digitisation, the internet and release of documents under the Freedom of Information Act (thanks to the efforts of writers Ben Macintyre and Nick Must) have shone new light on his post-war service for the British Government; our family knew neither of his role liaising with the UK’s Secret Service MI6 nor of his involvement in the UK's nuclear weapons development.

My big bro Julian, on reading the final proof with all the images, wrote to me "Congratulations on a marvellous book - excellently researched and a good read. A triumph!". Yes, he contributed to the book and may be biased, but these compliments mean a whole lot to me. Stepmum Beth has been involved and has contributed generously with fact-checking and insights. She thinks of the book of something of interest to Bicknells and I do not propose to promote it outside the family.
Blond Bomber Bicknell is published on Amazon print-on-demand as a large format paperback… with 180 images, photos, artworks, designs and news-paper cuttings, many in colour. 69,500 words, 209 pages.
Hard cover in colour ISBN: ? 979-8799883348 -? 20.96 x 1.73 x 27.94 cm - £25
Paperback in colour ISBN?: ? 979-8402649705 - 21.59 x 1.27 x 27.94 cm - £15

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