BRAHAM, John Randall Daniel, W/C, DSO, DFC (40667, Royal Air Force) - No.2 Group - Second Bar to Distinguished Service Order - awarded as per London Gazette dated 13 June 1944.

Since being awarded a Bat to the Distinguished Service Order, this officer has taken part in many sorties, including numerous successful attacks on rail targets and on mechanical transport. In air fighting he has destroyed many more enemy aircraft, bringing his victories to at least 29. This officer has displayed the highest qualities of skill and leadership, and his achievements are a splendid testimony to his courage and fighting spirit.

Recommendation dated 19 May 1944 in AIR 2/9156. He had flown 196 sorties (630 hours, day and night), 22 sorties (95 hours) since previous award.

Wing Commander Braham, who holds the appointment of Wing Commander Operations on the staff of this Headquarters, has shot down nine enemy aircraft by day over enemy occupied territory since he joined my staff. Two of the nine aircraft destroyed have been F.W.190ís, which in itself is a magnificent achievement for a pilot flying a Mosquito. In addition to his successes against enemy aircraft, he has inflicted damage with cannons and bombs on enemy M.T. and other objectives selected for attack in our offensive against railway targets in occupied territory. This officer has now destroyed a total of 29 enemy aircraft, 12 of which have been since he was awarded a Bar to his DSO. His magnificent fighting spirit, great determination and high skill have done much to encourage the Mosquito Squadrons in this Group. He has set them, and the whole of my staff, a fine example, the full results of which cannot immediately be assessed, but will undoubtedly have done much to improve the general fighting efficiency of the Group.

I should like to stress the point that all his recent victories have been over enemy-occupied territory and some of his combats have taken place within the A.A. defences of enemy aerodromes. His achievements are therefore particularly praiseworthy and deserve immediate recognition.

On a recent mission, this officerís aeroplane was severely damaged by enemy fire which resulted in his having to land in the sea thirty miles from the English coast. This trying experience has in no way dampened his keenness, and he is still eager to operate.

I recommend this officer very strongly indeed for the Immediate Award of a Second Bar to the D.S.O.

(Signed by Air Vice-Marshal, Air Officer Commanding, No. 2 Group, on 19.5.44)