BRISTOL F.2B FIGHTER J6650 of 20Sqn force-landed at Basawal, Afghanistan. (Repaired).

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Published: Wednesday 25 June 1930
Newspaper: Civil & Military Gazette (Lahore)
County: Lahore, Pakistan
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THE FRONTIER AIR ACCIDENT. Pilot and Gunner Return to Peshawar. , By Special Correcpsondent _SIMII, June 23 1930.. The pilot and air gunner of - the Service machine which made a forced landing in Afghan territory between Idakka and Jalalabad have now arrived in Peshawar by lorry from the latter place, to which they were taken and treated with every consideration pending an order from Kabul for their return to British territory. There was no crash, but the petrol ran out and, owing to poor visibility, the pilot was obliged to make the best landing possible. Salvage of the machine is expected in due course