RUSSELL, Albert William, Warrant Officer (1376322) – No.158 Squadron – Distinguished Flying Cross – awarded as per London Gazette dated 12 December 1944 with the following citation:

“In September, 1944, Warrant Officer Russell was the air bomber in an aircraft detailed to attack a well defended enemy strong point in the Calais area. In spite of considerable light anti-aircraft fire, Warrant Officer Russell directed his pilot on six runs over the target before re leasing his bombs. The success achieved was proved by the photograph he obtained. This warrant officer has participated in many successful sorties and has invariably displayed the highest standard of skill and courage.”

Spink auction catalogue has the following extracts from the recommendation for an immediate award state: “… Warrant Officer Russell was one of only three air bombers of this Squadron able to bomb a cloud covered, heavily defended strong point which was holding up the Army’s advance on Calais… this Warrant Officer orbited for 35 minutes defying the light flak defences and finally bombed below cloud from 6000 feet. Knowing that our troops were only 2,000 yards away. Warrant Officer Russell made six runs over the target before letting his bombs go… He included three sorties to Berlin in his first six operational flights and his first tour now totals 42 operational sorties…”