HALLAM, Michael, A/Sl/L (34195) - No.58 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 30 July with no citation. Spink auction catalogue provide recommendation and biography:

“This officer was concerned with two leaflet raids before he joined No. 58 Squadron. At Boscombe Down, he carried out nine convoy escort flights, totalling 58 hours 10 minutes. Since returning from Boscombe Down, he has successfully completed 16 bombing raids over enemy territory, comprising 108 hours 10 minutes. His aeroplane on one occasion was severely damaged by A.A. fire but he succeeded in completing his task and getting back to base. He sets a fine example to his Flight by his steady and unassuming devotion to duty”.

Wing Commander Michael Hallam joined No. 4 Squadron, Royal Air Force, as an Acting Pilot Officer, at Abu-Sueir, Egypt, 1934; posted to 77 Squadron (Whitleys), June 1939 and to 58 Squadron, September 1939; Log Book entries include: “6.9.1939. Dropping propaganda leaflets at Cuxhaven… 8.9.1939; dropping propaganda leaflets at Osnabruck, landed at Sommesous, France, owing to mist and shortage of petrol… 20.4.1940. Operations-Oslo Fjord, Stravagar Aerodrome. Targets obscurred, no bombs dropped… 30.4.1940. Aerodrome, 8.250 lb. bombs dropped… 13.5.1940, Patrol over Maastricht… 15.5.1940. Operations over the Ruhr. 10 bombs dropped at Gelsenkirchen. Aircraft damaged by A.A…. 8.5.1940, 10 bombs dropped at Hanover, on oil plant… 2.6.1940. 10 bombs dropped on Marshalling yard at Osnabruck… 3.7.1940. Bombs dropped on barges at Rotterdam…7.7.1940. Operations Dusseldorf 4 x 500, 4 x 250lb & incendiaries dropped” (D.F.C.).