I have been transcribing CB and CBE recommendations supplied by Tom Thorne, and while I normally wait until the task is finished, the following I deemed sufficiently interesting for immediate posting:

WEST, Ferdinand Maurice Felix, A/C. VC, MC (Royal Air Force) - Air Attache, Berne - Commander, Order of the British Empire - awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1945. Public Record Office Air 2/9003, courtesy of Tom Thorne, has citation drafted for June 1944 Birthday Honours List which probably bears on this award.

"This officer has been Air Attache in Berne since June 1940. In view of his isolated position it has not been possible to maintain contact with him other than by a signal or a letter occasionally surreptitiously delivered. In spite of this and in consequence of his exceptional initiative, knowledge, experience and energy he has, almost daily, sent long and detailed signaled reports of the greatest value and operational importance. He has exceptional knowledge of continental affairs and it is due in no small measure to the high esteem in which the Swiss regard him that no serious difficulties have arisen when Bomber Command aircraft have violated Swiss territory."