SMITH, Edward Stanley, Squadron Leader (90093) – Air Force Cross – awarded as per London Gazette dated 2 June 1943. Information from Spink catalogue of 30 November 2004. The recommendation states:

‘Squadron Leader Smith has served as officer commanding the Development Flight, since November, 1940. During this period, he has been almost solely responsible for all the trials and reports on fighters up to December, 1942. In addition, he has made affiliations with Bomber Command and has assisted with considerable flying on bomber types. In July, 1942, Squadron Leader Smith was selected for special duties with the Royal Air Force delegation in Washington. His flying ability and keenness have invariably been of the highest order’.

SMITH, Edward Stanley, Wing Commander (90093) – Wing Commander (90093) – No. 264 Squadron – Distinguished Flying Cross – awarded as per London Gazette dated 2 October 1945. No citation published. Information from Spink catalogue of 30 November 2004. The recommendation states:

‘This officer has almost completed his second operational tour of Night Fighting. He started as one of the pioneers of night fighting with No. 600 Squadron during the Battle of Britain in the days when night fighting was indeed a perilous occupation. There was no proper ground control, no navigational aids, only inefficient R/T and no form of airfield lightings. In spite of all these setbacks, this officer was always in those days in the forefront to engage the enemy. Although he destroyed no enemy aircraft on his first tour, it required great courage and determination to fly at all under the conditions that then prevailed.

On his second tour with No. 488 Squadron and subsequently as Commanding Officer of No. 264 Squadron, he destroyed one enemy aircraft on the night of 30/31 March, 1945. This was his reward for a large amount of flying often in extremely bad weather and with no guarantee of open bases to return to. Throughout, he has shown the same keenness and determination to engage the enemy, should he be found, as he did in the early days, and although his personal score is small, his example and leadership have been an inspiration to his Squadron and have resulted in the destruction of many enemy aircraft.

In all he has completed 105 sorties against the enemy in defensive and offensive patrols over England, the beachhead and subsequent frontline areas’.

Wing Commander Edward Stanley Smith, DFC, AFC, educated at Sherborne School and Clare College, Cambridge, learned to fly with the University Air Squadron. In 1936, he joined 600 Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force, was commissioned Pilot Officer (Aux. A.F.) 1936 and Flying Officer (Aux. A.F.) 1938. He was called into service with the Royal Air Force as Flying Officer 25.8.1939 and served with 600 Squadron during the Battle of Britain; Squadron Leader 1943; Wing Commander and Officer Commanding No. 264 Squadron, April 1944-June 1945.