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Thread: Single occupant aircraft loss from October 1944 from a BEM Citation (Solved)

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    Default Single occupant aircraft loss from October 1944 from a BEM Citation (Solved)

    This thread is inspired by this topic at ww2talk.

    Leading Aircraftman Sitacendra Purkayasta of the Indian Air Force received the BEM

    In October, 1944, an aircraft, with overload petrol tank, developed an internal glycol leak whilst taking off from an R.A.F. Station, and crashed near the end of the runway, immediately bursting into flames.... Unfortunately the pilot died on the . way to hospitalThe question is which aircraft was this? Who was the fatality?

    For India, there are two Hurricanes listed none of which fit the profile

    Burma has one - does not fit the profile.

    Bangladesh - None

    Looking up Pakistan

    These stands out

    Hurricane LB801 - Link LB801
    Sergeant John Patrick Gerrard McPOLIN (1560871) killed
    Risalpur. Aircraft crashed and burst into flames on impact with ground. Pilot killed although technical inspection of engine revealed no defects. the loss of power reported should be investigated by strip examination of engine.
    Steep Climbing turn off the runway with too low an airspeed resulting in ac side slipping into the ground (8 FU ORB)

    Spitfire LV738 Link to LV738
    Warrant Officer William Francis STROUD (1334221) Killed
    Samungli : Spitfires were proceeding to Amarda Road. Last aircraft on the ground while in circuit - engine failed and he made an effort to reach the runway, failed crashing about 300 yards from runway. Aircraft burnt. The Pilot W/O Stroud died on the way to Hospital (8 Sqn RIAF ORB)

    it can be said that WO Stroud's accident is the one associated with Purkayasta's BEM Award - and the Unit being 8 Squadron IAF.
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    Default Re: Single occupant aircraft loss from October 1944 from a BEM Citation (Solved)

    Good piece of detective work, Jagan!

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