Hello All,
The RAFVR Pilots Block is:-
740000-759999 (Highest Issued 759361. Total Issued 19362.) Issued between Jan 1937 and Jan 1940.
As an exercise I am trying to populate (on an Excel s/sht) a section (the first 1000!) of that block. There are lots of anomalies. But there is one that I cannot resolve. Please see:-

Publication Date 23 May 1939 The London Gazette, Issue 34628, Page 3481
740954 Sergeant Robert Duncan McLAREN.

Publication Date 4 June 1940 The London Gazette, Issue 34864, Page 3356
740954 Walter Edward HOLLAND (79152).

Anybody know which is which? There might be a LG correction somewhere, but I haven’t come across it yet. The vast number of the population so far is of Commissioned Officers (they routinely appear in the LG). Trying to find the NCO RAFVR Pilots is difficult (they (mostly) only appear in the LG for a “good” gong, etc.). Anybody got any hints? Only another 18,000 to go! It keeps me off the streets!! And I’ve met some I actually worked with!! – Archie Winskill, on TQF, was one!!!
Tks any help.
Peter Davies