When going through my own father's papers recently, I came across a handwritten note dated Aug 1995 from my uncle to a friend of his. Both men were trained as bomber navigators between 1943 and 1944, my uncle in Canada (I have his full service record although it is a bit of a mystery that I'm still trying to unravel!) and his friend in South Africa. I am looking for more details of my uncle's friend in the vague possibility of being able to trace a family member to see if they have any correspondence between the two men which might shed further light on my uncle's time in the RAF. I have this friend's name (not full name I believe) and address (1995) in the UK but nothing else, no service number, etc. I suspect that he has passed away by now but also at present I'm unable to confirm that piece of information. My uncle passed away a few years ago so that line of enquiry is also not possible. Are there any lists I could search to try to locate him on - at the National Archives or somewhere similar in South Africa? Any comments gratefully appreciated.