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I’m slowly populating the RAFVR Pilots number block. (740000-759999, 759361, 19362, RAFVR Pilots, Jan-37-Jan-40(?)). The below is from http://www.bbm.org.uk/airmen/Frost.htm

Jack Lynch Frost was born on 15th March 1908. [in Rochford]
On 13th April 1935 he married Elsie Maud Jiggins at Prittlewell, Essex.
He joined the RAFVR in February 1939 as an Airman u/t WOp/AG. Called up on 1st September 1939, he completed his gunnery training and was serving with 600 Squadron at Northolt by June 1940. [Would he first have been tested as a Pilot? This Number Block was specifically for Pilots?]
Commissioned in August 1940, Frost made his last flight with 600 Squadron on 28th September, Hornchurch to Redhill.
He transferred to the Administrative Branch on 24th May 1941.
On 23rd January 1942 Frost was dismissed from the RAF by sentence of a General Court Martial, the cause is not known. [does anyone know what he was Court Martialled for?]
Frost died on 20th December 2005 in Lincolnshire. [not able to find where]

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