In his JG 26 War Diary, Donald Caldwell writes (page 184) that Leutnant Peter Göring (nephew of Hermann) was hit by his target's turret gunner and crashed to his death. A claim for the Blenheim was filed in Göring's behalf but this was apparently a "courtesy claim", and it was not confirmed. Only one Blenheim was lost (Z7273 flown by CHAMBERLAIN - JEWELL - BEALE), shot down by Obstlt Adolf Galland, and the R.A.F. crew from No. 139 Squadron is buried in Boulogne-sur-Mer cemetery.

I've checked the Squadron ORB (form 540 and form 541 and appendix) and there's no mention of any claim in these documents. I understand that Göring was aiming at another Blenheim than the one attacked by Galland. Even if it would have been BEALE's defensive fire who had shot down a Bf109, I think it would have been mentioned ?!

In the AIR 50 series at Kew, there are only two combat reports for No. 139 Squadron, AIR 50/216/2 and AIR 50/216/3, both filed for a later period when No. 139 had converted to Mosquitoes (with versions which had weapons other than bombs !), but no AIR 50/216/1 which might have been this 13 October 1941 claim.

Thanks in advance for any tip about victory claim.