STEPHENSON, Frank Harvey, F/L (60556, RAFVR) - No.608 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 26 February 1943. Born 1913 in Roxby, Lincolnshire. Enlisted 1939 (938375), commissioned 1 February 1941. Retired as Flight Lieutenant, 7 February 1958. Citation in AMB 9390.

Flight Lieutenant Stephenson has taken part in several successful low level attacks on enemy shipping and harbours, despite heavy opposition. As the bombing leader of the squadron, he has shown exceptional keenness in the development and demonstration of low level and other bombing attacks. The high standard of accuracy achieved by the pilots in the squadron is largely owing to his untiring efforts. On one occasion Flight Lieutenant Stephenson attacked a submarine which was partly surfaced and inflicted severe damage on the vessel.