PRESTON, Wilfred , P/O (133520, RAFVR) - No. 10 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 18 May 1943. Born 1921 at Bury, Lancashire. Airman 970520, commissioned 26 September 1942. Killed 23 January 1944 with No,161 Squadron, Halifax DG272. Took off at 1036 hours from Tempsford to accompany LL182 on a Air Sea Rescue operation. Presumed to have collided over the sea with Halifax LL182 which had been similarly tasked. Source: Henk Welting's Database. Citation in AMB 10276.

Since Pilot Officer Preston joined this squadron he has displayed great enthusiasm and keenness in the execution of his duties as wireless operator/air gunner. On one occasion, when returning from operations, his aircraft struck a tree on a high mountain ridge and the crew had to bale out. In spite of this and other harassing experiences, Pilot Officer has continued to proceed on operations with enthusiasm and has displayed high courage and devotion to duty over a long period,