SPENCER, Arthur Thompson, F/O (121734, RAFVR) - No. 78 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 18 May 1943. Born 1914 Heaton Chapel, Stockport. Educated at Chorlton High School, Stockport and Newton Heath Technical School. Enlisted 1940 (1125861), trained in Canada and U.S.A. Commissioned 16 May 1942. In Crew of Halifax W7931 when it was hit by flak, 27 January 1943; see Yorkshire air accidents website. Attained rank of Flight Lieutenant, 16 May 1944. Retired from RAF Auxiliary, 19 April 1959 as Flight Lieutenant, “retaining the rank of Squadron Leader.” Citation in AMB 10276.

This officer has invariably displayed great courage in the execution of his duties as navigator. He has always cooperated well with his captain, in this way contributing much to the successes achieved by the crew. At all times he displays the utmost keenness for operational flying.

SPENCER, Arthur Thompson, F/L, DFC (121734, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve) - No.105 Squadron - Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 8 December 1944. RCAF AFRO 337/45 dated 23 February 1945 has citation under heading "RAF Trained in Canada".

Since being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, this officer has taken part in a large number of operational sorties in the face of intense enemy opposition and adverse weather. He has always shown exceptional courage and devotion to duty.