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Thread: A/Flt Sgt Peter McEWAN - No.223 Squadron - MiD

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    Default A/Flt Sgt Peter McEWAN - No.223 Squadron - MiD

    Mention in Despatches rec held in Air 23/731.

    A/Flt Sgt Peter McEWAN (519467) - 223 Sqn, M.E.C.

    "This airman has filled a Warrant Officer's vacancy and has been in charge of the Armoury during the whole of the Eritrean campaign. His hard work and keen organisation set an example to all his armourers and resulted in some remarkably efficient bombing up and re-arming between raids. No matter what the time of day or night he was called upon to bomb up, he was always ready and never once were operations delayed through any fault of his. His hard work in frequently most unpleasant conditions has earned him this recommendation for a mention in despatches."

    31 Aug 41.

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    Default Re: A/Flt Sgt Peter McEWAN - No.223 Squadron - MiD

    This recommendation was the basis of a Mention in Despatches, reported in London Gazette of 1 January 1942.

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