EVANS, David Islwyn, F/L (108570, RAFVR) - No.50 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 13 August 1943. Born 1917. Educated at Perth Secondary School. Airman 1382870, commissioned 11 October 1941. Mentioned in Despatches, 1 January 1943. Attained rank of Flight Lieutenant (War Substantive), 11 October 1943. Citation in AMB 11124.

This officer has completed a successful tour of duty in a most efficient and enthusiastic manner. Nearly all of his sorties have beeb directed against the most heavily defended objectives in Germany, such as Dusseldorf, Berlin, Duisburg and Essen. On several occasions this officer’s aircraft has been attacked by enemy night fighters but by skillful maneouvering has always returned unscathed.

On 5 September 1942 he was pilot of Hampden AE436, No.144 Squadron, delivery flight to Murmansk, Russia. Crashed at Tsatsa Mountain, Sarek, 130 km WNW Jokkmokk (Norrbotten), Sweden, three killed and two survived. Interned and then repatriated.

The wreckage of AE436 lay on the mountainside where it crashed until rediscovered in 1976 by the Västernorrland Historical Society. Following a funeral for the three deceased crew members at Kviberg Cemetery Göteborg, the wreckage was salvaged by the Swedish Air Force and returned to the United Kingdom. Initially the crated remains were stored at RAF Henlow until discovered in June 1987 by the late Brian Nicholls, a serving member of the Royal Air Force who was looking for a suitable restoration project. Having discounted restorations of ‘extinct’ types such as the Whitley and Stirling as unfeasible, Brian settled on bringing a Hampden back to life. The crated remains of AE436 were delivered to RAF Coningsby where the contents were examined, prior to the project making the short journey to East Kirkby where restoration started in earnest during 1989.

HUSKINSON, Sidney, F/O (49300), Royal Air Force, No. 50 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 17 August 1943. Born 1919 in Lancashire. Home in Stratford-on-Avon. Educated at Charleton High School. Enlisted 1939 (581389); commissioned 18 June 1942. Flying Officer (War Substantive), 18 December 1942. Flight Lieutenant (War Substantive), 18 December 1944. Citation in AMB 11179.

This officer is now serving on his second tour of operational duty. A very efficient navigator, he has played no small part in the successes attained by his crew. At all times Flying Officer Huskinson has displayed enthusiasm and marked devotion to duty.

JOBLING, Walter Stephen, F/O (120547 RAFVR) - No. 50 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 17 August 1943. Born in Stockport,Cheshire, 1909. Home in Lincoln. Enlisted 1940 (1056933); trained in South Africa. Commissioned 10 January 1942. Flying Officer, 1 October 1942. Killed 1 September 1943 as pilot of Lancaster R5698 (No.1654 Heavy Conversion Unit) in collision with Lancaster JB132 (No.61 Squadron). Citation in AMB 11179.

Though well above the average age for navigators, this officer has shown great keenness to fly on operations. He has taken part in raids on many of Germany’s most heavily defended targets. His navigation on many long and difficult sorties has always been excellent and reliable. It is largely due to Flying Officer Jobling’s skill that his crew have achieved so many successes.