FISHER, Frederick Maurice Henry, F/O (130524, RAFVR*) - No.207 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 10 September 1943. Airman 1323712, commissioned 3 October 1942, Permanent Commission (War Substantive) granted 1 November 1947 with seniority fom 3 April 1946. Following text from Air Ministry Bulletin 11391.

Flying Officer Fisher has attacked many of the enemy’s most heavily defended targets, such as Berlin, Essen, Duisburg and Lorient. Throughout his operational career he has invariably displayed the utmost determination to achieve his objective. Once, when on a mine-laying sortie, he machine-gunned anti-aircraft ships from low level, thus materially assisting in the success of the mission. On two other occasions, the heating in the aircraft failed and although the air temperature was minus 20 degrees Celsius, this officer’s enthusiasm to complete the mission was so great, he did not the matter to his captain.

FISHER, Frederick Maurice Henry, F/L, DFC (130524, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve) - No.49 Squadron - Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 16 February 1945. Public Record Office Air 2/8829 has citation drafted when he had flown 46 sorties (261 operational hours) as an air gunner; thirteen sorties and 73 hours since previous award. Same text published in Flight, 29 March 1945.

Throughout two tours of operations, Flight Lieutenant Fisher has consistently set praiseworthy example of skill, determination and courage. He has participated in many attacks against most heavily defended targets, often flying in adverse weather. He has also rendered valuable assistance to the Section Leader in helping to train inexperienced air gunners.

HAWORTH, Gilbert, Sergeant (565578) - No. 50 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Medal - awarded as per London Gazette dated 18 April 1941. Born 1915 in Rochdale, Lancashire. Joined RAF 1931 as aircraft apprentice (565578). Commissioned 17 July 1942. Served in No.207 Squadron, December 1942 to June 1943. Mentioned in Despatches, 14 June 1945. Granted permanent commission as Flight Lieutenant, 1 September 1945. Squadron Leader, 1 August 1947. Died in Peterborough, 18 July 2006. No citation in Gazeette; recommendation found by Ian Tavender in Air 2/8892. Drafted 25 February 1941 when he had flown 28 sorties (188 hours). Navigator.

Sergeant Haworth has served in an operational unit for nearly two years during which period he has completed 28 operational missions, the majority of them as navigator for Flying Officer F.G. Woodward in a flying time of 188 hours. . [Transcribers note: F/O Frank Geoffrey Woodward was awarded the DFC, gazetted same issue as Haworth and also without citation, although recommendation likely in Air 2/8892 as well]. He has shown himself to be an extremely skilful Navigator and Bomb Aimer who carried out his task undeterred by either adverse weather or enemy action. He has nearly always succeeded despite difficult conditions in locating his target. On those rare occasions when weather conditions have made it impossible to identify his primary target, he has shown great resource in the selection of alternative targets. On a recent occasion when he located the area of his primary target but found it covered by 10/10s cloud with a low cloud base and the conditions such that the attack could not have been made with accuracy, he navigated his pilot back to an area which he had noticed half an hour previously to be free from cloud and a successful attack on a large railway junction was made from a height of 4,000 feet. Direct hits were scored with all his bombs, starting a fire of considerable proportion. His courage and devotion to duty have always been of a high order and the example he has set in the execution of his duty has been a source of inspiration to other aircrews. He is strongly recommended for the non-immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Medal,

HAWORTH, Gilbert, F/L, DFM (46211) - No. 207 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 13 August 1943. Citation in AMB 11124.

This officer, now on his second tour of operational duty, has participated in operational sorties agaimst such heavily defended targets as Essen, Duisburg, Dortmund, Berlin and Milan. As bombing leader, he has always shown the greatest keenness and enthusiasm. His cool determination in guiding his pilot to the target in the face of heavy opposition has enabled excellent photographs to be taken.