HELLIS, Raymond Price, F/L (123117, RAFVR) - No.10 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 13 August 1943. Born 28 December 1914 in London. Airman 1245822, trained in U.S.A., commissioned 25 April 1942. In crew of Halifax BB194, No.1658 Heavy Conversion Unit, near Melbourne airfield, which on 3 February 1943 was undertaking a basic night flying practice exercise involving a series of take-offs and landings as part of their bomber conversion training. This was the first solo flight the pilot (Sergeant John Noel Willoughby) had made in a Halifax. At 2210 hrs on one such lap of the Melbourne airfield circuit the aircraft bounced on landing, the pilot attempted to overshoot but then dropped too low and flew into the ground around 500 yards from the end of runway. The pilot sustained serious head injuries but the other members of his crew are believed to have escaped with less serious injuries, the pilot and last named were admitted to Fulford Military Hospital and all are believed to have made good recoveries although they appear to have gone their seperate ways. To No.1664 HCU, 23 June 1944. Died October 1978 at Worthing West, Sussex. Citation in AMB 11124.

This officer has completed a tour of operational duty. Despite a trying experience during his training, when his aircraft crashed and he was dragged unconscious from the burning wreckage, Flight Lieutenant Hellis, with unshakeable determination, became an outstanding captain of aircraft. On one occasion he was detailed for an operation against Berlin, and his aircraft was illuminated by searchlights for five minutes while over the target area. His bomber was hit by anti-aircraft fire and his rear gunner injured. Despite this Flight Lieutenant Hellis pressed home his attack with great skill and daring. A pilot of high skill, this officer’s fine example of unswerving devotion to duty has been worthy of the highest praise.