Staff Nurse Miss Kate 'Kat' Grove Died RAF Halton 5 Dec 1931 aged 29 - she is buried in Brockley and Ladywell Cemetery

She was born in 1902 - I believe in Deptford, London, England

The trouble is she is buried in a Family Grave of

Henrietta Howarth (nee Grove) 1842 to 1900
Richard Howarth 1845 to 1920

- They married 1872

There is a 4 body Edward Howarth died December 1926 - Possibly aged 2 ????

However I cannot find a birth for Kate Grove - I know she is on the 1921 Census living in Lewisham, London & Kent, England

I want to see who else is living their - She can't be Richard Howarth and Henrietta Grove Daughter (Henrietta died before she was born) - I assume she was their grand-daughter - but I wonder why she look her Grandmothers maiden name ? -

I am hoping to find her parents, relatives and any sibling that will enable me to find out what name she was born under circa 1902?

All I know is she was Kate Grove by 1921 - Thanks Paul