Back on 2 May 2022, Col Bruggy posted a query about KH320.

I had offered some information, and in doing some other work I found that I'd made a mistake. Liberator KH352, I told Col, was likely given the "D" fuselage code before later becoming "M".

NO! KH352 was only "M" on 215 Squadron and was never "D".

Prior to KH320 joining the squadron in January 1945, the "D" Liberator was KH214, which was shot down on 3 January 1945. KH214 was the only "D"-coded Lib on the squadron from 215's first Liberator bombing op in November 1944 until it was shot down. Then, without a doubt, the new "D" on the squadron was the newly-arrived KH320. In photos I have, there is a "D" painted on the front of the aircraft, below the nose turret. And the juggling Donald Duck nose art is also clearly seen. Also, there are 30 bombs, representing 30 ops. Sure enough, the 215 Squadron ORB (which does have its share of errors) lists KH320 on exactly 30 ops.

My guess is that the photos I have were taken after 215's last Liberator op, 8 April 1945, and before the squadron relocated and began flying Dakotas in a transport role.

So, then, to repeat -- KH352 was only "M" on 215 Squadron. I'd wrongly speculated that perhaps KH352 had initially been given the "D" code on 215 Squadron, which is why it had Donald Duck nose art, not a name beginning with "M". Nope. KH214 was the only "D" Lib on 215 Squadron until shot down.

I tried adding this to the thread started by Col over a year ago, but it appears that I had to start a new thread.