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Thread: 1933 RAF Death Mysteries 7

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    Default 1933 RAF Death Mysteries 7


    I wonder if anyone can help with any of these all of which lack a Exact Date of Death

    1) John McClure Died Jan 1933 Possibly 357861 Maybe Died Scotland aged 27 - Date, Rank, Cause ???

    2) William Alfred Wallis Died Feb 1933 - No Trace on any BMD I can find complete mystery

    3) Robert John Grant maybe 565879 (Jan 1932 Halton so possibly) Died August 1933 - There is a John Robert Grant died Rugby Aged 17 - But there is also a Robert John Grant botn 1916 in Rugby - Do not know if they are linked or even linked to RAF

    4) William Bramwell Dodd Died October 1933 - 512990 - I think there is an Ancestry Tree - Does this provide date of Death, Rank and Cause

    5) Joseph Dunning 564138 Died June 1933 at Seaford aged 20 - Exact Date - Buried 21st June 1933

    6) Edmond Stanley McKay 510001 died Aged 29 Alexandria, Egypt Sept 1933 - Rank, Exact Date, Cause etc

    7) James Frederick George Kelley 563189 Died Oct 1933 at Peterborough - Exact Rank Date Cause Etc

    Thanks Paul

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    Default Re: 1933 RAF Death Mysteries 7

    Hello Paul

    Mixed results from me, sorry!

    John McClure - his death is recorded on the Statutory Deaths Register on the Scotland's People website, as follows:

    John McClure, Aircraftman, Royal Air Force
    Single, aged 27
    Died January 13th 1933 at 5.20 p.m. at the Western Infirmary, Glasgow.
    Usual address 112 Broomhill Drive, Glasgow
    Cause of death: Diabetic Coma

    William Alfred Wallis - could he be Willis or Wallace, perhaps? Struggling to find William Alfred Wallis...

    Robert John Grant - struggling with him too, sorry.

    William Bramwell Dodd - a couple of the family trees on ancestry record that he died on October 8th 1933 at Salisbury. Born August 6th 1907 at Moreton, Shropshire.

    Joseph Dunning 564138 - struggling with him too.

    Edmond Stanley McKay 510001 - struggling with him too.

    James Frederick George Kelley - the inquest into his death was reported in the Peterborough Standard of November 3rd 1933. It reocrds that Leading Aircraftman James Frederick George Kelly [sic] , aged 20 of Sutton bridge Aircraft Station, died at 5.55 a.m. on Monday, October 29th 1933, some 12 hours after being admitted to Peterborough Hospital with injuries sustained in an accident on Sunday, October 28th.
    His motorcycle had collided with a car near Norman Cross brickyards, after seemingly misjudging a bend and crossing over to the wrong side of the road. He was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Kelly, of 27 Dean Street, Dorking, and was serving a five year term in the R.A.F. (their phrase - it makes it sound like a prison sentence!).
    A verdict fo 'Accidental death' was recorded at the inquest.

    Baptism records show he was born on January 10th 1913, and baptised at Fulham, son of Frederick and Phyllis Emily Kelley.


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    Default Re: 1933 RAF Death Mysteries 7

    Simon many thanks that is more than I expected I appreciate your efforts Paul

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