Bannister was killed 02-OCT-1934 in de Havilland DH-89 Dragon Rapide G-ACPM of Hillmanís Airways

As a member of the Reserve of Air Force Officers since 22 June 1923 initially in Class A then Class C his death was announced in the Air Force List but also this notice turns up on the London Gazette 9 Oct 1934

The following Flying Officers
relinquish their commissions on completion of service and are permitted to retain their rank:? Walter Robert BANNISTER (since deceased). 29th June 1934.

Apparently the RAF seem to have forgotten his term in RAFO should have ended earlier in the year

I donít fully understand the whole RAFO commission thing for period (maybe someone here does) but 2 routes were SSC coming to end of term and automatically being in reserve for a period of time (say 5 years) or direct entry such as Oxford and Cambridge University Air Squadrons

Once in RAFO you had to go on yearly re qualification and with agreement you could extend your engagement

I assume routes out were

1. Complete Engagement (Relinquished)
2. Fail re-qualification
3. Disappear from contact (seen a few pilots who went overseas, no further trace)

2 and 3 not sure in London Gazette

anyway obviously when news of Bannister death the RAF looked up his record and realised that his engagement should have ended 5 months earlier and he should not have been in RAFO at time of his death

Based on duration it looks like Bannister has at least one period of re-engagement