410403 - Unaccounted Airmen - 03-04-1941

From Henk's List -

CAMERON, Duncan Cedric - AC2c - R/82457 - RCAF.
Carleton Place United Cemeteries, Ontario, Canada.
Died in the station Hospital at St. Thomas Ontario of a septic throat infection.

WALLACE, Bruce - LA - Fx.81425 - HMS Goshawk - RN.
Port of Spain Memorial, Trinidad and Tobago.
Cause of death ?

CLARK, Horace Alexander - AC1c - 960238 - RAFVR.
Enfield (Hertford Road) Cemetery, Middlesex.
Firearm Accident. He died in hospital from a bullet wound in the stomach, sustained at a place where he was stationed. The evidence showed that Clark was in the transport office at his depot and was seen talking to Driver Hector Samuel Shaw. Driver Shaw said he and Clark were good friends...as witness turned round he noticed that Clark had a revolver in his left hand with the butt pointing towards witness, as though he was handing the revolver to witness. Witness put out his hand and pushed it away, and thouht he said 'put that thing away.' As witness pushed it there was a bang. Clark dropped the gun and it fell to the floor and Clark sank into a small chair. Witness had the idea that Clark was joking. Dr. W. Thompson-Hill, senior medical officer, who accompanied Clark in the ambulance to hospital, said on the way he asked Clark how it happened. Clark assured witness that it was no one's fault, and that it was an accident.

NORGATE, Charles William - Lac - 871621 - RAF (AAF) - 943 Balloon Sqdn.
Hull Crematorium, Yorkshire.
Died in the Middleton sanatorium, Ilkley, of pulmonary tuberculosis.

TOMPKINS, Victor Albert - Cpl - 541779 - RAF.
Warmwell (Holy Trinity) Churchyard, Dorset.
Injured in an air raid at Warmwell Aerodrome on 1 April 1941, and died of his injuries two days later.

From CWGC -

BODINNAR, John Kenneth - First Officer - ATA.
Maidenhead (All Saints)Cemetery, Berkshire.
Hurricane II - Z3166 - 1 FPP.