As part of my range research air to air firing ranges are an important part. However, I can't find any reference to air to air firing at sleeves or flags between 1920 and 1930 (ish). It seem all focus was on air to ground firing with air to air being entirely camarea gun work, mostly with still photos in the earlier period.

Air to air firing was used in WW1 against flags, balloons and kites so why did it apparently stop? Was is because it was mainly focused on keeping unruly locals at bay in the colonies who didn't possess aeroplanes?

This ties in nicely with Steve Brew's thread "Concept of Fighter Escorts for Bombers" and may be linked as the lack of air to air firing may explain the lack of fighter escorts.

Rather like torpedo development, we slept through the inter war years in blissful ignorance of the problems we were to face and forgot all that hard won experience.

Has anyone else come across this apparent gap in training?