I came across this article (http://streathamcommon.org/wp-conten...Dec-17-pdf.pdf) that suggests that Streatham Common was allocated an emergency landing ground in 1927.

I can find no further concrete references to this, but in various places have managed to find that Parliament Hill Fields (Hampstead), Gravesend, Jesson and Penshurst were also allocated as ELG's.

Does anyone have any reference or info regarding the allocation of ELG's in and around London during the 1920s-30s, please?

I am specifically interested corroborating information related to Streatham Common as one of 41 Squadron's pilots, Plt Off Denis Finlay, force-landed on the Common in November 1933. That said, anything on the general policy, or a list of ELG's around London, would be appreciated, please.

I'm just seeking to add some context around why Finlay chose Streatham Common, aside from the obvious fact that it was a large green space in the middle of suburbia.