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Thread: 1HR 6MIN - FULL COLOUR video WITH SOUND - No. 1 Air Observer School, RCAF Crumlin

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    Default 1HR 6MIN - FULL COLOUR video WITH SOUND - No. 1 Air Observer School, RCAF Crumlin

    Full Video of “Teamwork Unlimited”

    This link is directed to the entire one hour and six minutes Leaven’s Brothers sponsored film tiled “Teamwork Unlimted” recording the four year operational history of No. 4 Air Observer School.

    I’ve taken the liberty of providing bookmark times for specific sections of the video for those that might have a special interest:

    00:00 Teamwork Unlimited opening and introduction
    01:50 Clare and Walter Leavens
    02:50 Front gate of No 4 Air Observer School
    03:44 A glimpse of the Station
    07:35 Station fire department
    09:10 Grounds of No. 4 Air Observer School
    09:45 Servicing the aircraft for flight
    11:45 The flight is planned
    20:45 Morning flying exercise
    26:30 The radio control room and maintenance
    30:05 The Link trainer section
    31:50 Pilot training wing
    33:15 The flight instrument section
    36:20 Dinghy training
    38:00 Parachutes
    39:00 Air exercises continue
    43:30 Glimpses of the newest sections of the Station
    44:00 Meals at the Station
    46:15 Stores and stockrooms
    48:00 Station telephone switchboard
    48:25 Department head meeting
    49:00 Maintenance hangar
    51:00 Control room
    51:40 Metal shop
    52:50 Paint shop
    54:00 Electrical shop
    55:00 Battery shop
    55:35 Machine shop
    57:20 Woodwork shop
    59:30 Hilco room (oil reclamation)
    1:01 Wings Parade
    1:05 Clare and Walter Leavens conclusion

    ( Source: Video clip of the film, “Teamwork Unlimited” Ron Nelson and James Hardy (Director). (1944). “Teamwork Unlimited”. [Film.] Canada: Ron Nelson Photography Limited. )

    Mike Anglin

    Barrie, Canada

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