Cheers again both!

Don, I find the national archives very hard to find my way round so thankyou for those, I would have been going round in circles for weeks. Kew's a nice day out but that document service will be less expensive than the petrol there and back!

Drew, I'm Ehsan who sent Håkan the photo and the info, when I found his site I got in touch and have been able to send him some info on the Gladiators and more detail about grandad for that page.
Grandad flew with Dan Cremin a few times, I recognised his name from the logbook when I read the books on Habbaniya.

I really wish I'd found out about Habbaniya before the Antiques Roadshow though! We talked about his fighting in Syria and when a patrol of 6 Gladiators was attacked by 12 Dewoitines (lost one and shot three down) but the Habbaniya story would have been amazing.