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Thread: Gallery: RAF Kohat - 1941 (Frank Powley's Collection): Vickers Valentia

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    Default Gallery: RAF Kohat - 1941 (Frank Powley's Collection): Vickers Valentia

    The Gallery set RAF Kohat - 1941 (Frank Powley's Collection)
    includes a nice image of a camouflaged Vickers Valentia on the ground at Kohat, marked in the album as Jan 42, "BT Kohat"

    Quite correct, there: the Valentia was one of several types classed by the RAF as Bomber-Transport.

    However, on the individual image page, the aircraft notes are incorrect, as follows
    "Valencia at Kohat
    "'B.T' Kohat" -No information on this Vickers Valencia transport aircraft pictured at Kohat."

    No RAF Aircraft type was ever named "Valencia"

    Can the page text and filename both be amended please, to
    Vickers Valentia

    It may be worth noting that the mistake has been made often enough, from RAF airmen of the time through to the present day.
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