Hi all

I posted about this man on the Forum about 5 1/2 years ago, but received no replies. I am posting it again, with some updated details, in the hope that someone's research may have uncovered some additional information in the meantime.

Buck was born in Bedlington, Northumberland, on 29 Sep 1898, and resided at the School House (father was Head Teacher), Kirtling, Newmarket, Cambs, in 1911. He joined the Suffolk Regiment as a Private (15594) in WWI (exact date unknown) but transferred to the RFC as an AM2 Telephonist on 23 Jan 1918.

He next appears in my records joining 41 Sqn as an NCO pilot in March 1935. In April 1937, he joined 1 AACU at Biggin Hill and was on the staff of HQ 12 Grp at Hucknall from 28 Jun 1937 until at least May 1939. He was promoted to WO on 1 Aug 1937, was awarded a MiD 24 Sep 1941, and remained a WO throughout WWII.

Buck died at Basford, Nottingham in Nov 1976. He was buried in Cambridge City Cemetery on 23 Nov 1976. He married Norah A. Pittwood (23 Jul 98-5 Jan 82), in Winchester, Hants, on 12 Dec 1922. A daughter Norah J. was born Newmarket, Jul 1926 (d 7 Mar 12), and they resided (for official purposes at least), on Chesterton Rd, Cambridge, in 1930. A son Aubrey G. was born in 1930 and a daughter Christine B. was born in Aylesbury, Dec Qtr 1936 (d ca 2013).

I am trying to fill some massive gaps in this man's career. Can anyone assist, please?

  • Where was he posted between 1918 and 1935?
  • When was he remustered to an u/t pilot?
  • Where did he undertake his flying training and when?
  • What was the exact date he joined 1 AACU in April 1937?
  • Has anyone got any record of him during WWII and beyond?
  • Any info on when he left the RAF and what he did in the subsequent years would also be appreciated.

Sorry, lots of questions on this chap, and not much to go on, but thanks in advance for any additional information.