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Thread: Davies 44072 casualty page errors

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    Default Davies 44072 casualty page errors

    Browsing about in Database :: Commonwealth Air Forces War Dead :: Individual Casualty Pages

    I came across the casualty page for Gerald Davies 44072

    There the London Gazette mentions section includes two spurious links, both for
    144072 Hunnisett
    apparently arising from the partial match on service no.

    As 144072 Hunnisett has/had nothing whatever to do with Davies 44072 in service, date, unit or loss, can these entries be deleted please?

    Also suggests there may be more cases: whether amenable to systematic amend not qualified to say, unless by invoking exact service no match...

    [Minor aside. The term
    as capitalised is a bit ambiguous: Mentions so written is sometimes a short term for formal Mentions eg in Despatches as an award...perhaps
    might be better - if others think it important enough...]
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    Default Re: Davies 44072 casualty page errors


    The bit about "Mentions" is noted. agree with you on the change.

    The partial matches is by design, the london gazette data offers a 'fuzzy' search and not an exact one.. it is upto the visitor to make use of it and understand. I will put in an explanatory note there, just like i put it in the title for the forum post search - which is not guaranteed to retrieve correct results, but an approximation.

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