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Thread: P/O Reginald CARTWRIGHT - No.207 Squaudron - DFC

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    Default P/O Reginald CARTWRIGHT - No.207 Squaudron - DFC

    CARTWRIGHT, Reginald, P/O (157429) - No. 207 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 10 December 1943. Commissioned 4 October 1942. Transferred to Administration and Special Duties Branch, 7 February 1945. Citation in AMB 12236.

    Pilot Officer Cartwright has taken part in operational sorties against most of the major German targets. On one occasion, when returning from a successful sortie, his aircraft collided with another and sustained serious damage. By skill and fine airmanship, he succeeded in regaining control thus enabling his crew and himself to make a successful parachute descent. At all times this officer has displayed determination and courage in pressing home his attacks.

    The following is from website, Aircraft Accidents in Yorkshire:

    Lancaster JB532 at Melbourne airfield.

    On the night of 26th/27th November 1943 the crew of this No.630 Squadron aircraft were one of twenty detailed to undertake an operational flight to bomb Berlin. They took off from East Kirkby airfield at 17.30hrs. On their return to Northern England thick fog was effecting flying and getting all the operational aircraft down safely was difficult. Many of the Lincolnshire-based squadrons diverted their aircraft north to Yorkshire to try and land. The crew must have been flying in a wide circle at a safe altitude with many other aircraft all trying to obtain permission to land somewhere. Just before 01.30hrs the crew of JB532 received instructions to try and land at Holme on Spalding Moor so they would have let down but they did not have enough fuel to reach Holme on Spalding Moor. After radioing the fuel situation that received an instruction to climb to a safe height and then abandon the aircraft. As soon as that instruction was received the pilot of JB532 spotted the bright sodium lighting at Melbourne airfield so attempted to land there. The Lancaster was not lined up with any runway and while the pilot managed to set down reasonably well it could not be stopped before it collided with some form of obstruction. Minor damage resulted to the aircraft.

    Pilot - P/O Reginald Cartwright RAFVR (157429).
    Sgt J J Venton
    F/Sgt J M Crawford
    F/Sgt E Harman
    F/Sgt R E Broadbent
    Sgt T M Davidson
    F/Sgt E J Price

    Reginald Cartwright and his crew were fresh in from 207 Squadron; he was awarded the DFC for service with 207 Squadron, Gazetted on 10th December 1943.

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    Default Re: P/O Reginald CARTWRIGHT - No.207 Squaudron - DFC


    Cartwright's Caterpillar Club Caper.

    12-13 Aug 1943
    207 Sqn.
    Lancaster I ED361:EM-R
    Op: Milano.

    T/o 2154 Langar. While returning to base, collided 0550 in the air with a 619 Squadron Lancaster (JA844:PG-J,BCL4/267) and, after being abandoned, crashed at Plaidstowe (read Plaistow), 10 miles W of Horsham, Sussex.

    Sgt R Cartwright
    Sgt S J Venton
    Sgt J M Crawford
    Sgt E Harman
    Sgt R E Broadbent
    Sgt T A Davidson
    F/S K E Goodsell +

    See: BCL4/266.

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