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Thread: JF Hamlin "Bristol Beaufighter: The Full Story" (AB 2022)

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    Default JF Hamlin "Bristol Beaufighter: The Full Story" (AB 2022)

    Bristol Beaufighter: The Full Story JF Hamlin (Air Britain 2022)
    A comprehensive account of the Beaufighter as an aircraft, in Squadron service, with individual aircraft fates by serial in the usual Air Britain style, 3 Appendixes (Bases, Unit codes, Index of fatalities/POWs), plus a battery of backmatter (Colour profiles art, Sources, Index).

    In the case of 211 Squadron, marred by avoidable errors:
    in the Sqn potted histories, a quite inaccurate count of the Squadron’s Rangoon Gaol deaths in captivity, vs
    the App3 Index - better but still incl errors (eg Luing as PoW death, but his Nav White as death but as PoW omitted) plus
    more than a few omissions and elisions in aircraft ids and histories (which for 211 Sqn, for example, the Sortie Reports in AIR 27/1305 to 27/1310 might have helped resolve, apart from personal records).

    The author largely discounts web-site published data in these terms: "some websites have been useful...but others were found to contain obvious errors" though which of them were unreliable is left to the reader to find out.

    To that end, the Sources section is equally unhelpful, comprising only
    "Books which may be useful..." and
    "Operational [sic! Operations] Record Book" UK National Archives refs
    but listing no websites at all.

    Even the sole website example singled out as "noteworthy" in the Preface, mentioned there by name, is ignored in the Sources: nowhere accorded the usual courtesy of a proper web citation (such as author/owner plus title and URL citation).

    Whether for example Mr Hamlin found "obvious errors" in my own Beaufighter work (, I am no more able to say than I am able to rebut or correct.
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